Monday, December 28, 2009

Sam's Big Adventure

My dad's mother and siblings all live out in Cali, and we decided a long time ago to come out here for Christmas this year. We left from Atlanta on Christmas eve at 830am. That meant we had to get Sam up and leave the house at 5am. It was pretty rough on us all. Sam was super tired by the time the plane took off, but didn't seem to have any problem with the change in pressure. As an added Christmas bonus, we didn't have to use his supplemental oxygen. We brought our pulse ox (which I haven't trusted since it sent us to the emergency room unwarranted about a year ago). Naturally, the pulse ox was reading A LOT lower than seemed possible based on Sam's general color and activity level (pre-flight it read 80% which is already much lower than usual, and then during the flight it read 74%). He wasn't blue and he was acting fine so we ignored the pulse ox and made it through the rest of the flight fine.

We stayed the first few days at my Aunt Jennifer's house in Cypress, CA. We had a big family Christmas there, and Sam got all kinds of toys and clothes. His 'stranger anxiety' has been surprisingly minimal, and he's let everyone hold him and play with him with very little fuss. Sam got to touch the Pacific Ocean yesterday, and is now up at my Grandmother's cabin which is surrounded by snow. Tomorrow, we plan on hitting the town of Wrightwood (where my Grandmother lives) and Chris and I plan on checking out skiing at their local resort. We'll be up here for a few days and then will head back to the L.A. area for the Rose Parade and (maybe) a trip to Disneyland. I'll post again when we get home, and will get photos on as soon as I can.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and please have a happy and safe New Year!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pediatric PT

I started my journey to become a Physical Therapist when I was in grade school. I was a volunteer at one of our local hospitals. The last summer I volunteered, they assigned me to the outpatient pediatric therapy department. That was where I started to think about being a PT, although pediatrics was not necessarily the goal.

When I was in college, I got a job in a local outpatient clinic that treated people of all ages for all conditions. That job sealed the deal as far as me wanting to become a PT, and my boss and co-workers really helped me prepare for applying for and then getting though PT school. While at that clinic, I got my first exposure to kids and PT. One girl in particular, Krisanna, stood out to me. She had some pretty amazing deficits and hurdles to living a 'normal' life, but she was living it more than most people I know.

Once in PT school, I got very little hands on exposure to pediatric PT. What I did get, I loved. But pediatric PT isn't something you jump out of school and do. So I did the next best thing. I got a job at a facility with a heavy neuro population. And I have loved that job, and the people I work for and with. They have been there for me through everything with Sam, and I can't thank them enough.

But, last month, Krisanna passed away. I haven't seen her for a few years, but her bright spirit left its mark. While reflecting on her, and on our interactions, I made the decision to start a transition into pediatric therapy. Now, to be honest, my plan was to just take some peds classes and get some books in preparation for a FUTURE peds job. Providence had other plans.

About a week after I heard about Krisanna, I got a postcard in the mail from a pediatric speech clinic here in Macon. They were planning to expand their practice into physical therapy, and were looking for a PT. I felt like this happened for a reason. So I got an interview.

I loved the clinic, I loved the people, and I loved the position they wanted me to fill. I got the job.

Today, I turned in my letter resigning my full time position at my current facility. It was hard for me, and some of the reactions I got made it a little more difficult (a mix of happiness, tears, and shock). It is hard to find PTs in our area, and me leaving will make it hard on my co-workers for a while. But I just feel like this is serendipity...I feel led to this. And I don't usually talk like that. It is going to be hard at first, and I'll have to do a lot of research and studying over the next two months (the job will start February 15). But I feel fairly certain this was just meant to be.

Thanks, Krisanna.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Kids at Heart" Christmas Party

Today we went to the Kids at Heart Holiday Party in Atlanta, thrown by the Sibley Heart Center at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. The Kids at Heart group is a support organization for kids who have had heart surgery at CHOA. The party was so nice. They had a lunch buffet, build a bear station, gingerbread house decorating station, Christmas choir, and the REAL Santa (see photos) all free of charge. Sam was a good boy, and didn't shed one tear when he sat on Santa's lap. Of course, he didn't know who was holding him, and we kept his attention away from that fact. I'm sure Sam will really enjoy this party and the other Kids at Heart events when he gets older, and I'm so glad they are available to us.

Other than seeing Sam have fun, the best part of these events for Chris and I is to meet/reunite with other families who are on this 'heart' journey with us. We saw little Matthew and his family, and met Emery and her family (photo below). Both kids are very close to Sam's age. All three have very different and yet similar conditions, and all three have had/will have very different and yet similar medical/surgical journeys. It's hard to explain. But it is comforting to us to see their smiling faces and to compare stories and experiences with them. I can't wait to see them at these events through the years, and watch them grow and thrive despite their broken hearts.
We also met a family today with a 14 year old girl. While she looked healthy, her mother told us they will soon be going on the organ list, awaiting a heart and lung transplant. What a sobering thought. When you are healthy, and all is right with the world, you tend to unintentionally ignore the fact that terrible things are happening. Even worse, you tend to believe that these terrible things can't happen to you. Chris and I did everything right in our lives. We both went to college, waited to live together until we were married, went to grad school/co-oped to give ourselves the best start in our careers..I could go on and on. If you do everything 'right', doesn't that mean these terrible things skip over you and your family? Despite everything we did right, our child will suffer. It's hard not to feel like it is a punishment at times. Punishment for what, I don't know. But I guess that is the challenge. OUR challenge is to thrive joyfully for the glory of God inspite of our lot in life, and to teach Sam to do the same.

But there is another challenge. It is to do what you can for those in need, the way that you would hope others would do for you. We have always had our needs taken care of, without ever having to ask. I have recently been searching for ways to do the same for others, particularly others suffering from congenital heart defects. I came across a wonderful family in the CHD community. Stefenie and her family have started a campaign called Cuddles from the Heart. This is a blanket donation program, where new homemade/store bought blankets are distributed to children and their families during their hospital stay to give them a sense of comfort and support. Originally, Cuddles from the Heart benefited the University of Iowa's Children's Hospital, where Stefenie's son was treated for his CHD. Cuddles has since spread, and I have volunteered to start a Cuddles branch in Georgia to benefit patients at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. I have not set a donation or distribution date yet, but when I do, I will be sure to post on how you can assist me in answering this challenge!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Check-up, 5k, and Christmas Fun

Sam had his 12 month check up this week. I missed it (got locked out of my car...long story) but Chris went. Sam is growing like a weed. He is 32.5inches (100%), 23lbs (60%) and I don't remember his head circumference but it is in the 95%. We went from the bottom of the charts, to the middle, to bursting out the top. Dr. Sims said he looked great, and gave her own OK for our California trip. Everyone marvels at how well he is doing...I don't blame them.

Sam participated in yet another 5K (this makes 3 for him). We ran in the Macon Reindeer Run 5K to benefit Children's Hospital of Macon. I have a love/hate relationship with Children's of Macon. Their main pediatric floor contributed to the down-slide of Sam the night he almost died, and hesitated for hours before calling in our Cardiologist. BUT their PICU halted the down-slide and, by cooperating with our cardiologist and the cardios at Egleston, stabilized him enough to get him to Atlanta. Regardless, I'm sure they do wonderful things there. We ran with some friends and neighbors, who brought their kids too. Poor was pretty cold. They all survived though, and Chris and I did pretty good (finished in 35 minutes).

Under the suggestion of our neighbors, we went to the Bolingbroke Christmas Parade. This little town doesn't even have a stop light, so naturally their parade was 'country'. Anyone with a John Deere tractor, big wheels on their trucks, a 4wheeler, or an antique car was asked to join in the line up. There was a group of civil war reenactors. Every 50 feet or so they would load their muskets with a blank and fire. Naturally all the kids started crying and screaming. Sam had on his snow cap, so he couldn't really hear the gun fire. Relo, however, almost peed himself in fear. The highlight for me, though, was the "Macon 1800 Club". This little group of all ages dressed in 1800 style clothes walked in the parade. One of the ladys, however, paraded in her 1800 style dress on her brand new HoverRound. Classic.

Goals for the rest of the week: finish shopping, finish wrapping gifts, run at least 4 times, and start a packing list for California!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sam Turns ONE, Savannah Style

Chris and I took off work today to celebrate Sam's birthday. We found a hotel that would accept our dog, and drove to Savannah last night. Sam donned his "First Birthday" clothes, and we hit the town. He had plenty of strangers tell Sam happy birthday, and we had one stranger actually sing him the whole song. We did the 'river walk' shops, Broughton Street, and the City Market. It was really pretty, and if we had more time we would have hit up some of the more historic places.

We did eat a BIG birthday late lunch in honor of Sam. We went to Paula Deen's restaurant, Lady and Sons. Sam ate the following: cheese biscuit, pan fried cornbread, green beans, black eyed peas, mashed potatoes with gravy, sweet potato casserole, macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, banana pudding, and butter gooey cake. And let me say, the mac and cheese was disturbingly cheesy, but sooooooooooooo good. We had a hard time walking to the car after that...

We ended the day with a quick trip to Tybee Island to see the Atlantic Ocean. We took some great photos, touched the ocean, played in the sand, and sang Happy Birthday to Sam with the sun starting to set behind us. He won't remember a thing. But we will. And we made some great memories today.

Happy Birthday to my baby boy, who has been through more in one year than most people go through in a lifetime. I am in awe of you, and thank you for everyday you give me in your presence. I love you.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving, Sam's First Birthday, and Blogger Award

We left Macon on Wednesday for Mobile for the long holiday weekend. We stayed at my parent's house but spent most of our days with Chris' family (since we'll be with my fam at Christmas). We had a great Thanksgiving dinner at the Wimberly's house. Sam's 'stranger' anxiety has really amped up in the last month, and he wouldn't let anyone hold him without pitching a fit. He did get some good time in with his cousins, especially Noah (who is only 2 months older). And Chris, Shannon, Mark, and I got some good runs in. We did a 10k distance on Friday and then just over a 10K on Saturday. I still doubt it even made a dent in the calories we took in.

We had Sam's first Birthday Party on Friday at the Wimberly's house. All of Chris's siblings and niece/nephews came, all of my siblings came, and we had a great turn out of our dearest friends. It was a little cold, but we had a cook out in the back yard. Sam had a pretty good time, considering he would only let me, Chris, or my mom hold him. He opened his presents and clapped at the end of just about each unwrapping. When it was time for cake he was starting to crash. He didn't understand what he was supposed to do with the cake, and then got pretty mad when we tried to 'show' him what to do. Needless to say, the cake was followed by a nap. He got some really wonderful gifts, and OUR gift was to be with our friends and family to celebrate such a momentous occasion. Thanks to everyone who helped put the party together and who came to enjoy this time with us. Chris and I are working out a plan for a special family day on Sam's actual birthday (this Thursday) to complete our celebration.

One last note: I was nominated for a little blogger award this past weekend by a 'heart mom' blogger, Sundie. The award is called the Heartfelt Blogger Award. It is super sweet of Sundie to nominate me. Her daughter, Sydnie, is a heart hero, and I love reading about her adventures and seeing her develop into a little lady in their blog called Sydnie's Sweet Heart! Here are the details of the award:

Here are the rules for the award:
1. Display the award logo
2. Nominate up to 9 blogs that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside
3. Link to your nominees and leave a comment on their blog telling them about the award
4. Link to the person whom you received the award

The following blogs are my nominees, and I check up on all of them frequently!

Amelia's Progress - Micro preemie Amelia and her courageous parents' blog. Amelia was born in April of this year, and has yet to come home from the hospital. Her journey has been truly moving, and her parents have come through it all in the most graceful and uplifting of ways.

Our Journey Together - My husband's cousin and his wife's blog. Josh is not much older than Chris and I, and he has already battled colon and lung cancer. His strength to push though, his fight to raise awareness, and his wife's never ending, steadfast love truly amaze me.

The Houston Branch of the Woodard Family - My BFF from LSU's blog. Tamara and her husband Mark are just a super sweet, wonderfully christian family. I love reading up on their adventures in 'newlywedhood'!

Oh boy... - Tamara's little sis's blog. Although I have spent very little time actually hanging out with Ali, her blog is freakin' hilarious. The way she writes about her adventures in hospital radiology and marathon training really crack me up.

... then came Grayson in the baby carriage - Grade school friend's blog. I have known Morgan from WAY back in the day. He blog about her ever sassy but always sweet daughter Grayson always make me smile. I LOVE her "Little Miss Chatterbox" section!

The Moses Family - Chris's cousin's blog. Amy has a cute little blog highlighting the new edition to this growing Catholic family, Benjamin. Her husband has a great Catholic centered blog too: Aggie Catholic

I follow a lot of blogs and could nominate them all. Thanks again to Sundie! Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sam's "One Year" Photo Shoot

We had really wanted to have some "pro" photos made of Sam, but after I got my Nikon, I just kept putting it off. I finally went and had some photos made at Portrait Inovations. Naturally, Sam cried the WHOLE time. She got maybe 5 shots where he wasn't crying. Oh well...probably a sign I should just keep to my Nikon photos! Here are the best ones though!


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Successful Race and Fundraising!

We left for Atlanta early early this morning for the Strong Legs Run (a fundraiser for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta...Sam's hospital). Chris and I ran in the 10K race. We both ran faster than we expected, and both set personal records for our 10K times. My parents and Chris's parents came up to support us, and to do the 2K race. We all walked the 2K...Sam rode in his stroller. Sam met up with his 'heart buddy' Matthew (photo above), who has a similar condition to Sam's, and who has the same Cardiologist. We had a REALLY great day, and can't wait until next year.

The race was also a fundraiser. Between my family, we raised $850! We were part of a larger group of teams who were raising money specifically for the cardiac services research team at CHOA. Together, these teams raised $36000! I'm proud of us, and we plan to do more for the race next year. Thank you to everyone who sent in money for this cause!! Not too long ago (just 24 years, in fact) there was NO SURGERY to help babies like Sam. They just died. Only recently have cardiac research teams developed surgeries (like the one Sam had in March) to extend these heart babies lives. I know it's not millions and millions of dollars, but every penny you donated to this cause will go to further research and development of new techniques to keep Sam's life going. And I can't ever tell you how much that means to me...


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Last Call for Runners/Donors!!

Chris, Sam, and I are running in an event this weekend to raise money for the Sibley Heart Center at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. These people SAVED SAM'S LIFE and will be the ones we call on again when Sam needs his next surgery. We would love to have you come up and run/walk with us (there is a 10k, 5k, 2k, and several just kid races). If you can't come and be with us, you are welcome to donate to this cause. The links are below!!!


My Donation Page
Registration Page
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Race Info Page

Sunday, November 8, 2009

LSU/Bama Tailgate

We drove to Birmingham and Tuscaloosa this weekend for a tailgate and to hang out with family. We stayed at Chris's sister's house, and Sam got to hang out with his cousins. They love him a little more than he can in, he LOVES watching them, but isn't quite ready to snuggle up and sit in their laps yet. He did let me get a few good pictures though! Saturday, we met up with friends from PT school for a tailgate on Alabama's campus for the LSU/Bama game. It was perfect weather, and Sam was an angel for most of the day. PT school was the three hardest years of school I experienced, but I met the MOST amazing group of people there. I value any chance I get to be with them, and this weekend was no exception. As an added bonus, my sister Amanda was with the LSU band at the game, and when the game was over, we rushed across campus and got to see her before they loaded the buses. I wish every weekend could be spent with friends and family (and a victorious LSU team...)!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

First Halloween

Sam's first trick-or-treat took place on Monday, at my hospital. Staff and patients were invited to bring their kids up for trick-or-treating in patients' rooms and for a little party after. Sam met up with his friend Connor (son of a co-worker) and went to a few of our favorite patients' rooms and showed off for the nurses.

Halloween day started early...630am. Chris and I (and subsequently Sam) did a 5k race benefit for Jay's Hope, a local group who supports local families with children suffering with cancer. Sam dressed in his costume, and was in no mood to be awake and dressed in a costume. He made it through the race though, and after a much needed nap he watched us carve pumpkins.

Sam was getting cranky early, and we didn't think he would make it to trick-or-treat time. It rained here for a bit too, right at 530pm and I almost gave up hope for Halloween. The rain stopped around 6 though, and Sam got dressed one more time in his skeleton costume. We went to our neighbors house for Sam's first trick-or-treat. We have great next door neighbors, but they have been out of their house for a while, thanks to a busted pipe. I guess Sam didn't remember them (and he was really tired) because he cried and cried when Larea tried to hold him. He settled down though and watched a bunch of our neighborhood kids come and trick-or-treat for candy.

After a few more photos, Sam went to sleep. All in all a successful first Halloween!


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Boo at the Zoo

This Saturday was Boo at the Zoo in Atlanta. We got free tickets through Children's Hospital of Atlanta's Kids at Heart (a support group for kids and families of kids who have had heart surgery at Egelston Hospital). The Atlanta zoo is small but nicely laid out, and Sam had a pretty good time. All of the kids were dressed up (as was Sam) and there was a really nice family atmosphere. Part of the festivities was a private catered party for Kids at Heart families. The best part was meeting two families we have followed via CarePages for a while. Both are Hypoplastic Right Hearts (like Sam) and one of them goes to Dr. Cardis, like us. It was in some way comforting to look around at the Kids and Heart party and see so many kids and families. I hate that so many people/kids are suffering, but it made us feel not so alone in the world.
After Boo, we drove home and stopped at the Tanger Outlets. We picked up a ton of clothes, shoes, and accessories for all of us. I love a good shopping trip. Sam was still dressed in his costume, and got plenty of attention.

The first thing I wanted to do when I got home was upload our photos from the day. To my shock and horror, they were where to be found on the card. I flipped out, and laid in bed pouting for a while. When Sam woke up from his nap, we went out to dinner at the new Mexican restaurant across from our neighborhood. I fed Sam refried beans...damn the consequences. I was super bummed. I made Chris get us ice cream, as I figured that would be the only thing to make me feel better.

I hatched a plan, did some research, and with a recovery software, was able to recover all my lost photos! I know it's dumb to be upset over's not like I don't already have 4 albums of Sam pictures! But they are back now and that is what matters!

One final story: Today at church, Chris had Sam standing in the pew seat facing the back rest. Naturally, he bumped his mouth. He only cried for a minute but I thought he was giving a funny face. Sure enough, his newest tooth was bleeding near the gum. Sam is on Asprin (and a hefty dose, in my opinion), so he bled and bled and bled. He was swallowing it for the most part, but he got tired of that after a few minutes. He started spitting it out...spraying it EVERYWHERE...all over our new clothes. I grabbed a bunch of paper towels from the bathroom, and had a pile of bloody towels next to me in the pew. This lasted about 3o min.... Man, I hate to think of the adventures when he starts running and jumping and climbing and doing general boy things....


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another Mobile Weekend

We went to Mobile again this weekend. This time for Brian Cobb's going away party. He is taking a job transfer/promotion to Chicago, and his family threw him a little party. I have known Brian and his family since preschool...his Mom was our teacher! It was really nice hanging out with friends and I hope Brian enjoyed it.

While we were in Mobile, we took Sam to a pumpkin patch. He wasn't a big fan. It was cold and windy and he had just woke up from a nap. Super-crank didn't smile for hardly one picture. We'll have to find another pumpkin patch and go when he's in a better mood.

When we got home tonight, Chris and I lowered Sam's bed, since he is getting really close to pulling up. While we were working, Sam decided he could commando crawl! This is the first time we have seen him doing any form of crawling. I was getting worried that he was taking so long to get to this milestone. He's already proven himself a total faker recently, so for all we know he's been crawling for months, just not in front of us! But we are super proud of him, and are ready to start a new stage in parenthood...the stage where you do nothing but chase a baby all day...


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sam, the Faker (and Vacation News)

We've been pretty busy recently. We went to Mobile for two more weddings this past weekend. Amazingly we made it to both (they were only an hour apart) and hit up both receptions, too. Sam didn't get much sleep our first night in Mobile, and he never really recovered until he got a nights rest in his bed here at home in Macon. He was super grump all weekend. But, in his defence, he has cut more teeth. He now has two on the bottom and four across the top.

On Monday, when I picked Sam up from school, he was holding a bottle....which is something he doesn't do at home. I was so excited and told the teachers that he hasn't been able to do that and that I was so happy he was learning. They looked at me like I was crazy. They said he's been holding his bottle FOR MONTHS. That Sam had me and Chris fooled! My Mom's theory is that kids have to be a little more independent at daycare, but at home they know Mommy and Daddy will just do it for them. Little punk. Since then, we have made Sam hold his own bottle...which he does LIKE A PRO. And I seriously thought he couldn't do it....

Today, Sam had his cardiologist appointment. He had an echo and EKG, which all looked great. He weighs 22.8 lbs, and is 30 inches long. His oxygen percentage was great...87-89%. He flirted with EVERYONE. And he sat so still during the echo and EKG, which is pretty rare for him. Dr. Cardis thinks he looks wonderful. I rehashed the conversation about the vacation to California. After telling him the exact plans, he still believes we need supplemental oxygen during the flight. But he thinks we will be fine without oxygen in Wrightwood (the mountain town where my grandmother lives). That's a big relief. We'll keep our O2 meter with us, and if his oxygen looks low, we'll have the contact of a durable medical equipment company in California that we can get a tank of oxygen from. But Dr. Cardis doesn't think we'll need it. Sam may have a true white Christmas in the mountains!

Please say some prayers for baby Amelia. She was born premature in April and is still in the hospital working on getting strong enough to come off of supplemental breathing support. This has been (and is becoming more so) a painful journey for her parents and family, and they need to bring her home healthy and happy and SOON!


Friday, September 25, 2009

A Busy Week, Indeed...

We have had a very busy week, so get ready to sit and read for a while...

This past weekend we went to Mobile for several events. We watched Chris's little brother's marching band perform at his high school football game. I used to 'coach' the color guard in the band, and it was nice to see them perform, too. While at the game we ran into my HS friend and college roomie Catherine and her sweet babies. I got pooped on while holding her youngest, but babies are so cute, it was easy not to care! We also ran into the drummer from Chris's old band, who is now coaching the drum line in the marching band. Quite a nice little evening. Sam didn't make it to the game though...he had a LONG drive and made it apparent when we got to Mobile that he wanted nothing to do with anyone unless they were putting him to bed.

Saturday we went to my grade school best friend's wedding. Angela married a friend from HS, Patrick, which meant the wedding was basically a HS reunion. The wedding was beautiful, Angela rocked her dress, the reception was warm and lighthearted, and hanging out with friends who stay the same wonderful people no matter how long it has been since you have seen them last was priceless. Sam had a blast, too. He met his future wife Sophia (daughter of Mitch and Mary Alice). They had a photo booth and we took way too many photos with friends. I'll scan and post them soon, I promise!

Monday was a weird day. This is a topic I will only bring up once on this blog, and then bury it for Sam's sake: circumcision. When Sam was born, our doctor would not let us do it because at any moment he could have been heading into surgery, and they didn't want to introduce an infection risk. Now that he has some time to kill before his next surgery, we inquired about performing it. Our Cardio agreed, and told us it would be a good thing to do, since it would prevent future UTI/Kidney/Bladder infections. He referred us to a pediatric specialty group in Atlanta, since Sam would need special care with regards to the administration of anesthesia.

We drove to Atlanta Monday morning in terrible weather. On the way, Sam coughed and then threw up his 8 oz milk bottle all over himself and in his car seat. After a bad dive, we meet with the Urologist, who acted like we were bad people for ever considering this procedure. He blew it off as an 'old cultural tradition' and said there was no good study to support the fact that it prevents future infection. He also said that if we decided to do it, they would HAVE to do the surgery at Egleston (Sam's heart surgery hospital) because the cardiac anesthesiologists would have to administer his meds because of his heart. On top of that, he has to stop his Asprin therapy (which poses a stroke risk). AND he would have to stay over night.

Needless to say we left conflicted and a little let down. It's not like we feel religiously or culturally attached to the procedure, but if our Cardiologist thought it was a good idea then we were willing to do it. It would have been done at birth anyway, if it weren't for Sam's heart. We're going to talk to our Cardiologist again in October, but we probably won't go through with the procedure now. I doubt NOT having it done will affect Sam in anyway socially, or at least in anyway that will be lasting. It poses weird situations for us...what do we tell him when his brothers look different, or his cousins look different? He's a special kid in many ways, so I guess we'll just lean on that explanation.

Sam had a pediatrician appointment today. He weighs 22lbs (50th %) and is 30 inches long (85th %). The MD said he looked amazing, and she commented that you would never know anything was wrong with him if you didn't know his back story. We hear that a lot. We're on a wait-list for the H1N1 vaccine because of Sam's heart, and will be first in line for it when they get it in...IN LATE OCTOBER!! The whole world will have had the virus by then! Oh well. She also got him set up for the Synergis vaccine (the RSV vaccine) which we did all of last winter. Poor Sam has a lot of injections in his future...

Speaking of Sam: he's so dang cute. He sits up like a pro now. He still hasn't crawled, but he can turn a circle on his tummy and rolls to get to far away toys. He is ALMOST pulling up to sit from laying down. He's a little behind with his mobility but the Pediatrician was not concerned. He laughs and laughs, especially when Relo barks. He went to dinner with me and three girl friends from work the other night...he flirted the whole time. He has just a tad stranger anxiety but really only when he is tired. He says Dada like a pro, and is almost saying bye bye and uh oh. No mama yet. Sigh. He's the best though, and we can't get over how much we love him...


Monday, September 7, 2009

Sam's First 5K

Well, Sam finished his first 5K! Chris, Sam, a few friends, and I ran in the Macon Labor Day 5K this morning. Sam was one of about 8 stroller kids. There were over 1000 people in the race so there was plenty for him to look at and be distracted by. He didn't fuss the whole run (although he rarely fusses in his jogger) and really enjoyed watching all the people around us. I forgot my camera (soooo disappointing) so these are photos and video from my cell phone. Next on Sam's run list: Jay's Hope 5K Oct 31, Strong Legs Run for Egleston Hospital Nov 14.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Diaper Cakes

Think I should sell diaper cakes?