Sunday, August 30, 2009

Diaper Cakes

Think I should sell diaper cakes?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sam's Icky week

Census is low at my work right now, so we are rotating PTs and OTs having a day off during the week. My day off was Tuesday. Sam and I stayed home from work and school and got all kinds of things done. When I took Sam back to school on Wednesday, there was a sign on his classroom door that said "ROTOVIRUS CONFIRMED IN THIS ROOM"....oh joy. But I thought maybe he'd be alright since I had kept him home on Tuesday, and maybe he'd missed the initial spread of the bug. However, as I discovered, rotovirus has a two day latency...he had actually picked it up on Monday and by Wednesday mid day he was showing symptoms.

I picked him up from school with a fever of 101 and he did throw up a few times that day. He had a low fever and diarrhea for the rest of the week. Chris stayed home with him Thursday and Friday. He woke up a much happier boy today! But Sam's 9 months of life he has had two fevers and one bout of bloody stool...pretty good record, I think.

On an unrelated note, ALWAYS question your medical bills. We have discovered that literally ALL the medical bills we have received since Sam's birth have been in error in some form or fashion. If we had just paid them, we would have paid about $10000 in unnecessary payments. This past week I did A LOT of work going through hundreds of insurance EOBs and found huge errors. If they had been smaller and fewer bills we probably would have just paid them. But when you get $4000 bills, you naturally tend to question their accuracy! Long story short, we owe nothing.

On another unrelated note, I have become a master diaper cake maker. They are great baby gifts, and super adorable! I'll post some photos when I finish handing out the three that I still have sitting on my counter.


Friday, August 14, 2009

In Honor of Sam

We received information about an event to benefit Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (the hospital where Sam had his surgery). It is called the CVS Strong Legs Run, and all money goes to benefit this hospital system, which is world class in children's oncology, neonatal care, transplants, and CARDIAC SERVICES! Chris and I decided right away to participate in honor of Sam.

The event is a 10K run/walk, 5K run/walk, 2K family run/walk, All Kids Can Race 75 yard dash (disabled children only), and a Mascot Trot (for all children, who will get to race popular college/business mascots). Basically there is something for all. The event is on November 14 (Saturday) at Turner Field in Atlanta.

We are participating on the Cardiac Services team (Team Strong Hearts), and 100% of the money from our registration and any donations we receive will go straight to the Cardiac Research team at Children's Hospital...these are the people who SAVED SAM'S LIFE and who will give him new life again when the time comes for his next surgery.

We are hoping to get a lot of friends and family involved in this. How can you get involved, you say? Well here are two ways:

1. Run/walk with us! Go to the link below and register for any of the events. Strollers are welcome! Everyone gets a long sleeve t-shirt for participating, and kids who race in the two kids races get finisher ribbons and tshirts. When you join, BE SURE TO JOIN THE STRONG HEARTS TEAM so that your money can go to Cardiac Services!! Once on the Strong Hearts team, if you earn an ADDITIONAL 50$ in donations, you will get a Strong Hearts Team t-shirt!

2. DONATE! If you can't be there with us but still want to support Sam's hospital, you can send a general donation. You can either donate on my web page (listed below) or send us a check.

If you can come and race with us, there may be a bonus for you: We are hoping to organize a 'tailgate' at Turner Field for after/during the races to celebrate with family and friends!

We're really excited to participate in this race (we're going to do the 10K) and help out this seriously amazing hospital, and in particular the cardiac services department. These people save babies and kids every day, and are constantly researching new approaches to help extend the lives these children. They already saved Sam once. We are praying that their research will give Sam a chance at the full live expectancy that all of us take for granted. Every dollar really will make a difference!

Contact me if you have any questions!!
My Donation Page
CVS Strong Legs Run Page
Children's Hospital of Atlanta Race Info Page

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Another Eventful Weekend

We had another travel weekend. This time we went to Mobile for the wedding of a friend of ours from high school. Chris had flown to Houston during the week for business, so my mom, Amanda, Sam, and I drove to Mobile on Friday. We got in late, and then I had to go pick up Chris, who flew into Pensacola from Houston. Randomly Chris met up with a friend of ours from grade school in the airport, and we drove him home from P'cola, too. It was a nice surprise, although I wish I had been more awake to have a better was 2am when we finally got back to Mobile.

Saturday was Matt Shelby's wedding. It was at the Explorium in Mobile, which is a great place to have a wedding if you have a lot of kids present...or a lot of adults who act like kids. We had such a good time playing in the Explorium, and it was so nice to hang out with friends we have had since 4th grade! The wedding was super sweet, the reception was too much fun, and to top it off, we took the after party to Mobile's newest night club...a dueling piano bar! Sam was present for the wedding and then went home with Chris's mom. But he had a great time meeting our friends...he even loved up on my friend Angela, whose purple dress he was particularly drawn to! A little LSU fan, I guess!

We also went to meet our friend Catherine and Thomas's new baby boy, Thomas Michael. He is so freakin' adorable, and so small! He weighs 8lbs, and yet looks so tea tiny. I can't believe Sam was ever that small! Sam got to meet little Thomas, and his big sister Addie. Addie, who is 14 months, waved at Sam, and Sam hugged on her little leg like he was totally in love! Adorable...

A prayer request: There are a ton of things and people to pray for right now, and it's hard to give you just one. But in particular, my friend from high school and her husband are pregnant with a baby girl who has a trisomy condition. They have been told she will not survive outside of her mommy. They are having a tough time reconciling with this, as anyone would. I think and pray for them everyday. We talked a bit tonight, and like she said, sometimes it is hard to know what to pray for. But Chris and I learned the value of prayer with Sam. There were times when I didn't feel like praying, and times when my mind was too busy to pray. It was in those times when I was comforted to know that there were other people doing the praying when I simply could not. Say a prayer for them and their baby girl, so that when they are too disheartened to do so themselves, they too can know someone else is getting the prayers said!


Monday, August 3, 2009

An Interesting Friday and Redeeming Weekend

Last Friday, around 4 am, Sam woke up crying. He rarely wakes up crying, so I went to check on him. He had a dirty diarrhea diaper, and I guess it burned his little butt cheek a little. I changed him, got him a bottle, and he happily went back to sleep. When he got up in the morning, I went to change him again. He was dirty again, but this time there was a hint of blood in the diaper. Chris and I debated what to do, since I knew the daycare would NEVER keep him with diarrhea, especially with blood present. 5 min later, Sam made another diaper. This time it was MOSTLY blood. We freaked out.

We called the doctor, but the office was closed. Their nurse answering service took our information and determined it wasn't an emergency but that he would need to be seen ASAP. She confirmed my two fears: this could be resultant from Sam's aspirin therapy, or a bacteria like C. Diff. The latter runs rampant at my hospital on occasion and I would probably quit my job out of guilt if it is C. Diff.

We got an appointment and took him to the Pedi. She said that since he is eating fine, sleeping fine, acting fine, and was happy, it is probably a milk protein allergy. I find this hard to believe. She wants us to switch to soy formula for a while. She also sent us to the main hospital to get a stool sample cultured, so that we can rule out the C. Diff. Sam acted fine the rest of the day, although he still had the diarrhea with the occasional blood spot. We tried the soy...Sam's not a fan. We also decided to narrow his food choices down a bit, just in case it is one of those that is upsetting his tummy. I will let you know the results of the culture when I get them!

As a side note, we saw a horrible wreck right in front of the Pedi's office. Chris called 911 while I jumped out and stopped one of the ladies from getting up and walking around. The whole thing happened right in front of a Chiropractors office (Chris thought that was great) and the Chiropractor stopped the other lady from moving around. We talked later, after the emergency people took over. He was a nice guy. I'm not a fan of Chiropractors but I may keep him in mind if I have back problems with my next pregnancy like I did with Sam.

After being cleared by the Pedi, we continued with our plans to go camping with my family at Lake Martin in Alabama. This was Sam's first camping trip. I was really worried about it being too hot for him, but it stayed cloudy and cool the whole time. Sam swam in the lake and played with his aunt and uncle. He didn't sleep in the tent with Chris and I though, since we were still worried about it being too hot. He slept on his own queen size bed in my parent's air conditioned pop-up tent trailer. He saw ducks, watched the boats in the little lagoon right at our campsite, and took a hike in his back pack. Of course, everyone who saw him told us how adorable he was!

He had a great time camping, and then capped off a nice weekend by cutting another tooth! He cried and cried and cried last night. It was so horrible. Now I wonder if all the diarrhea and stomach upset from Friday had to do with the tooth. Add to that the fact that this 20 lb baby takes half a baby aspirin (when full grown adults take one whole baby aspirin), and I wonder if just a tiny upset may have caused his intestines to bleed a little. Who knows. I just hope the culture is clear!