Friday, September 25, 2009

A Busy Week, Indeed...

We have had a very busy week, so get ready to sit and read for a while...

This past weekend we went to Mobile for several events. We watched Chris's little brother's marching band perform at his high school football game. I used to 'coach' the color guard in the band, and it was nice to see them perform, too. While at the game we ran into my HS friend and college roomie Catherine and her sweet babies. I got pooped on while holding her youngest, but babies are so cute, it was easy not to care! We also ran into the drummer from Chris's old band, who is now coaching the drum line in the marching band. Quite a nice little evening. Sam didn't make it to the game though...he had a LONG drive and made it apparent when we got to Mobile that he wanted nothing to do with anyone unless they were putting him to bed.

Saturday we went to my grade school best friend's wedding. Angela married a friend from HS, Patrick, which meant the wedding was basically a HS reunion. The wedding was beautiful, Angela rocked her dress, the reception was warm and lighthearted, and hanging out with friends who stay the same wonderful people no matter how long it has been since you have seen them last was priceless. Sam had a blast, too. He met his future wife Sophia (daughter of Mitch and Mary Alice). They had a photo booth and we took way too many photos with friends. I'll scan and post them soon, I promise!

Monday was a weird day. This is a topic I will only bring up once on this blog, and then bury it for Sam's sake: circumcision. When Sam was born, our doctor would not let us do it because at any moment he could have been heading into surgery, and they didn't want to introduce an infection risk. Now that he has some time to kill before his next surgery, we inquired about performing it. Our Cardio agreed, and told us it would be a good thing to do, since it would prevent future UTI/Kidney/Bladder infections. He referred us to a pediatric specialty group in Atlanta, since Sam would need special care with regards to the administration of anesthesia.

We drove to Atlanta Monday morning in terrible weather. On the way, Sam coughed and then threw up his 8 oz milk bottle all over himself and in his car seat. After a bad dive, we meet with the Urologist, who acted like we were bad people for ever considering this procedure. He blew it off as an 'old cultural tradition' and said there was no good study to support the fact that it prevents future infection. He also said that if we decided to do it, they would HAVE to do the surgery at Egleston (Sam's heart surgery hospital) because the cardiac anesthesiologists would have to administer his meds because of his heart. On top of that, he has to stop his Asprin therapy (which poses a stroke risk). AND he would have to stay over night.

Needless to say we left conflicted and a little let down. It's not like we feel religiously or culturally attached to the procedure, but if our Cardiologist thought it was a good idea then we were willing to do it. It would have been done at birth anyway, if it weren't for Sam's heart. We're going to talk to our Cardiologist again in October, but we probably won't go through with the procedure now. I doubt NOT having it done will affect Sam in anyway socially, or at least in anyway that will be lasting. It poses weird situations for us...what do we tell him when his brothers look different, or his cousins look different? He's a special kid in many ways, so I guess we'll just lean on that explanation.

Sam had a pediatrician appointment today. He weighs 22lbs (50th %) and is 30 inches long (85th %). The MD said he looked amazing, and she commented that you would never know anything was wrong with him if you didn't know his back story. We hear that a lot. We're on a wait-list for the H1N1 vaccine because of Sam's heart, and will be first in line for it when they get it in...IN LATE OCTOBER!! The whole world will have had the virus by then! Oh well. She also got him set up for the Synergis vaccine (the RSV vaccine) which we did all of last winter. Poor Sam has a lot of injections in his future...

Speaking of Sam: he's so dang cute. He sits up like a pro now. He still hasn't crawled, but he can turn a circle on his tummy and rolls to get to far away toys. He is ALMOST pulling up to sit from laying down. He's a little behind with his mobility but the Pediatrician was not concerned. He laughs and laughs, especially when Relo barks. He went to dinner with me and three girl friends from work the other night...he flirted the whole time. He has just a tad stranger anxiety but really only when he is tired. He says Dada like a pro, and is almost saying bye bye and uh oh. No mama yet. Sigh. He's the best though, and we can't get over how much we love him...


Monday, September 7, 2009

Sam's First 5K

Well, Sam finished his first 5K! Chris, Sam, a few friends, and I ran in the Macon Labor Day 5K this morning. Sam was one of about 8 stroller kids. There were over 1000 people in the race so there was plenty for him to look at and be distracted by. He didn't fuss the whole run (although he rarely fusses in his jogger) and really enjoyed watching all the people around us. I forgot my camera (soooo disappointing) so these are photos and video from my cell phone. Next on Sam's run list: Jay's Hope 5K Oct 31, Strong Legs Run for Egleston Hospital Nov 14.