Sunday, September 19, 2010

What?! It's Mid-September?!?

Holy geez...where is time going?!?

We kicked off September with a trip to Gatlinburg, TN to my parent's new cabin.  They are slowing moving in furnishings to start renting it out as a vacation home.  Sam had a blast running around the big wrap around porch and being the center of attention. 

Sam finished his round of antibiotics from our most recent ear infection, but I could tell he wasn't quite right. This past Friday, he woke up a little warm.  I took him to day care anyway because he didn't have a true fever, and he was acting normal.  I was planning on calling the pediatrician to get a new antibiotic bc I knew the first one didn't do the trick on his ears.  Before I could even get a mile from his day care, and before I could pick up the phone to call the pedi, the daycare called and said Sam had thrown up.  I had to cancel my patients for the day, and Sam and I took a trip straight to the pediatrician who confirmed his ears looked quite bad.  We started a stronger antibiotic and Sam and I spent the rest of Friday cuddled up together. 

He was feeling a little better by that night, and we decided to go ahead with a small trip to McDonough,GA to see our high school band director at his new high school's football game.  Johnny was always so great to us when we were kids...he always felt like one of 'us' and made us feel like we were equals with him.  Some of Chris's and my best memories were with Johnny and the band.  It was so nice to see him again and watch him interact with his students.  Sam enjoyed it all too, and danced in the stands to the music.

Saturday, though, the fever returned with a vengeance.  Sunday (today) wasn't much better.  The fever finally seemed to pass this afternoon, but the crankiness didn't.  This has been by far the worst  ear infection...I'm starting to wonder if we have and ear infection AND something else.  Hopefully he can kick this thing quick, and make it until tubes (Oct 20) without another illness.

Today I got to talk to a sweet lady named Joy.  She is from our hometown, and just recently had a beautiful baby girl who was diagnosed with an apparently quite rare congenital heart defect.  It was so nice to talk to her.  We had a lot of the same feelings and internal conversations regarding diagnosis, doctors, and the future.  I look forward to keeping up with her and her family and helping each other through the craziness that is CHD!