Monday, November 29, 2010

Could Life Be Anymore Busy??

I think not.  We have had 3 busy busy weekends.  So much for posting more often.  And sorry for no photos in this post...takes too much time, and I don't have any to spare these days...

Three weekends ago Chris, Sam and I flew up to Fairfax, VA and met up with Chris's sister and her family.  We left Sam with Chris's Mom and the rest of the kids, and Chris, Shannon, Mark and I drove to Richmond, VA for the Richmond Marathon (Mark) and McDonalds Half Marathon (the rest of us).  With the exception of a HUGE fail moment (I, Kathy Wimberly, left my entire bag of running attire in Fairfax...don't worry I bought a whole new wardrobe the night before the race to make up for the mistake, and I appologized to Chris for blaming him even though it was my responsibility), the race was glorious.  Rather flat course, fair amount of distraction, and beautiful weather.  Being preggo, I didn't set out to break any records, but I ended up finishing far better than I thought I would!  Everyone else had personal bests, including Mark in his full marathon.  We drove back to Fairfax after the race and spent the next day limping around Washington, DC.  Sam enjoyed the city, until it was past nap time.  Sam has truly be around this country in his short life.

The next weekend we had Chris's other sister Lydia and her bf come for a visit.  We had a pre-thanksgiving dinner, complete with my first roast turkey!  It was beautiful.  Sam, naturally, enjoyed having people around to entertain.

This past weekend we took an extra day off work and drove up to my parent's cabin in Gatlinburg, TN.  We spent most of the Thanksgiving holiday lounging on the couch.  Chris and I went for a run in Smoky Mountain National Park, we had a birthday party for my Mom and a pre-party for Sam's birthday, and, of course, made more food for Thanksgiving than the 7 of us could eat.  Sam had a friggin' blast hanging out with Nana.  I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have batted an eye if Chris and I drove away and left him for the week.  He didn't so much enjoy my brother, John, who spent most of the weekend trying to annoy Sam.  Anytime Sam would see him or get near him, he would start making little whiny noises and flicking his hand at John telling him to go away. 

We were all back at work and school today, which was sad.  But no fear...the busy times never end.  Sam's 2nd birthday is Friday.  We are taking the day off and heading to Mobile for a party with family.  Then, Saturday I will be flying out to Las Vegas for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon with several local PT/OT buds, a PT school classmate, and an undergrad friend.  Not to mention Sam's cardiologist appt, pediatrician appt, ENT appt, and my OB appt!  Guess I should probably get some sleep!


Shutterfly is Awesome

So I love a deal.  I have recently become a master coupon-er.  My friend just posted about a deal Shutterfly has to get free holiday cards.  50 free cards, to be exact.  All you have to do is be a blogger!  Ok, a few other things, but it's totally worth it.  I have used Shutterfly for all of my photo cards in the last year, as well as all of our family photos.  I have never been disappointed with the photo color, which is something that was always lacking at our local pharmacy photo centers. These are probably the three groups of cards I search for and print the most of:
Christmas photo cards:
Holiday cards:
Thank you cards:
They have a great selection, clearly.  Now, if you are a blogger, go RIGHT NOW and check out the link below for how to get your own 50 free holiday photo cards!  Totally worth the effort!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Strong Legs Run Results and Sam's BIG Announcement

WOW it has been a month since I have posted!  Many, many fun days have come and gone since then.  Here is the brief recap of happenings and news, then the longer update will follow:

1. We took a trip to Florida to hang out with good friends and party on the Florida campus for the LSU vs FL game.
2. Sam had successful 'tubes' surgery and hasn't had any ear problems (knock on wood) in weeks.
3. Boo at the Zoo was wonderful.
4. Halloween was a busy day, with a 5K, birthday party, and Sam's first Trick or Treat adventure.
5. We raised over 3000 dollars for Sibley Heart Center for the Strong Legs Run thanks to good friends, faithful family, and wonderful coworkers.
6. The Strong Legs Run was a big success, and Sam had a glorious time being the center of attention of both my family and Chris's family this weekend.

Ok, so we'll start back at number 1.  Back at the beginning of October we took a trip down to Florida to meet up with one of my best college friends and her wonderful boyfriend.  They are getting their PhDs at Florida, and it was a good opportunity to visit and tailgate on Florida's campus for an LSU game!  Sam had a great time hanging out with all of their dogs, meeting horses for the first time, biking around campus, and getting lots of attention from new people.  LSU won...a bonus.

2. Sam had his tubes put in a few weeks ago.  There was a slight hiccup, as the anesthesiologist failed to notice the note on our preop paperwork about a family history of an anesthesia allergy.  They had to give him an IV instead of gas, and we had to stay in recovery longer.  BUT he came through fine, and has really been sleeping better and talking more.  We had a very 'David Goes to the Dentist' moment after they gave Sam his loopy meds to calm him before they took him back.  The video is priceless.

3. The Kids at Heart group had their Boo at the Zoo event again this year.  Sam was a little more interested in the animals this year, and he figured out the Trick or Treat thing (though he never actually said Trick or Treat).  It was good practice for Halloween.

4. Halloween was nutty.  We did a 5K early in the morning, attended our neighbor's kids 1st birthday party, and then took Sam for his first Trick or Treat.  Chris pushed Sam in the stroller for the 5K and he did pretty well.  Sam loved the party.  Our neighbor made some super cute cardboard box houses for the kids to play in, and they had great finger food that was perfect for little Sam hands.  With all of that stimulation, Sam was a little done by Trick or Treat time.  He wasn't a huge fan of going up to people's houses.  He did, however, LOVE hanging out at our house and watching the kids come to the door!

5. We have been raising money for Sibley Heart Center for the Strong Legs Run with our own team, called Sam's Lub Dub Club.  We were OUTRAGEOUSLY successful.  We had a ton of friends and family donate, and had some of our team members raise literally hundreds on their own for the team.  Chris's cousin, Josh, who has battled and beat cancer TWICE raised almost 400 dollars alone!  Then, my co-workers decided to help us raise money by having several in-office events, including a silent auction.  They raised 600 dollars through those events, and then the company gave us an additional 250!  Just amazing.  We raised over 3000 dollars!  For everyone who donated, thank you for supporting this cause.  It means more to us than I could put into words.

6. Chris's parents and my parents came up this weekend to participate in the Strong Legs Run with.  Needless to say, Sam LOVED the attention.  The run itself was wonderful, although quite cold.  Chris and I ran in the 10K.  Chris had a PR, and I did pretty good, considering the circumstances (see 7).  Our parents and Sam walked the 5K.  Chris's cousin Josh and his wife also participated in the 5K.  Josh, who has half a lung due to his last bout with cancer, ran his first 5K and had a PR, too!  Josh's determination to train and participate and lead a healthy life have inspired us, and will certainly inspire Sam when he looks back on this weekend.  Josh, with half a lung, and Sam, with half a heart, are real miracles.

7.  WE'RE PREGNANT!!  We are 9 weeks along and are due June 10.  We told our parents when they arrived for this weekend's events.  I had a tshirt made that said 'Big Bro'.  When Chris's parents, who we told first, took off Sam's jacket, it took them a min or two to see the shirt.  The same moment they were realizing what the shirt said and what it meant, Sam swung the computer chair around and hit himself in the head.  He immediately started crying and then coughing, and then puked ALLLL over his shirt!  We had to rush it into the washer and dryer to get it pretty again to reveal it to my parents!  We had just enough time to put the shirt back on Sam when my parents got there.  It took them longer to see the shirt and realize what it meant.  I practically had to read the shirt to them.  Of course, everyone is thrilled.  Sam doesn't have a clue, and it's probably better that he just live out his last days of only-child-ness without knowing what the future holds!  Please say a prayer of health for this baby!  So far so good!

Wow what an update!  We have some big weekends ahead of us, including a half marathon in Virginia next weekend!  I'll try to update a little more frequently!