Friday, January 6, 2012

The Last Month Or So...

Where to start...  Ok here will be your order in case you need to jump around: 1) Medical Updates, 2) Pre-Christmas, 3) Christmas, 4) Post-Christmas, 5) Tummy Bug and ER Visit, 6) Disaster Return Trip to Macon

1) Medical Updates:  Luke had his circ and defect repair the first week of December.  I think we were more affected than he was.  Within a day he was back to his normal self, although diaper changes were a challenge for a while.  We went back to Atlanta today for a check up - he had some scar tissue adhesions that the doctor addressed in office (tears were shed briefly) and we will have to go back one more visit to be sure the adhesions don't return.  SOOOO CLOSE to closing the door on one of our medical dramas from 2011.

2) Sam understood 'Christmas' this year...he understood Santa was coming and would bring presents if he was good, loved the tree and lights, and knew the wrapped presents under the tree were not to be opened until he had the OK on Christmas morning. It was fun to watch him get excited (or scared) when he would see Santa.  We went to a neighborhood Santa Breakfast where we got our best "Santa" photo of our several Santa meetings this year.  We went to our annual Christmas Party with Kids at Heart, the support group for children and families of children who have had heart surgery at Egleston.  Sam got to see his heart friend, Emery, and made some yummy cookies (the highlight for him). 

3) Christmas: We drove to Mobile for Christmas this year.  Sam had started to become obsessed with the presents under the tree.  You could tell it was driving him crazy to know he had so many he would get to open.  He would just sit under my parents tree and move the boxes around, and call out which box was for which person.  Chris and I went our for a run Christmas eve morning, and I somehow stepped wrong and sprained my ankle, right along Cottagehill Road in full view of a million cars driving by.  I'm still limping. We went to Christmas eve mass at St. Pius with Fr. Savoie, who was very influential to Chris and I during grade school and high school.  He called all the kids up to the alter during the Homily to read the story of Christmas...Sam ALMOST went, but then got shy when all the other kids got up there and came running back to us.  Christmas morning, Sam was so focused on opening his presents, that he didn't exactly react to the Santa presents that were sitting unwrapped under the tree.  He did his stereotypical Sam thing, and got upset that the arm chairs had been moved (to make room for Santa gifts)...ever the OCD kid.  He he had a FANTASTIC Christmas...between Santa's gracious gifts (including a power wheel and bike), opening presents at my parents house, then having a second Christmas morning at Uncle Will and Aunt Bradley's house, then having a THIRD Christmas morning at Yaya and Pops me he enjoyed himself.    Luke had a blast too!  I can't wait until they are both jumping at the crack of dawn to get under the tree!

4) Post-Christmas:  We kept busy while in Mobile.  We had several 'dates' with old friends, caught up on some movies, and spent plenty of time with family.  Chris and I broke away from the kids and went on a little anniversary trip to Biloxi.  We stayed at the Grand Casino, and had a couples massage in their really awesome spa.  We spent the night at Yaya and Pops house for New Years eve - a rare treat.  Usually the inn is too full.  But we took over and Sam got to wake up to Yaya's breakfast treat - Krispy Kreme! 

5) Tummy Bug and ER visit: Unfortunately there was another little treat for us that morning...Luke was throwing up.  At first I didn't think much of it...he just seemed to be gagging on spit.  But then he threw up a whole bottle.  Later in the day, Sam started throwing up.  While Luke got better fast, Sam did not.  By 6 pm, Sam was pale and lethargic.  I went to wake him up from a nap to check on him and he was white as a sheet, with his eyes half open/ half closed.  At first I thought he was looking at me, then I realized he was not.  My heart stopped, as I honestly considered he might not be with me.  I know that might seem irrational, but keep in mind what would be improbable for most holds a higher probability for us due to his condition.  I immediately jumped on top of him, and he very slowly opened his eyes.  We took him to the ER to get him checked out.  His oxygen levels were quite low (74-76).  The doctor said it was due to dehydration, so Sam got an antinausea pill and several glasses of water.  Thankfully he was able to keep those down, and within a few hours of getting to the ER, he seemed much better (although very tired). His oxygen when we left the ER was where it was at our last cardiology appointment...79-80.  A sad reminder to me that surgery is lurking ever closer.  Sam slept great that night and woke up a little weak but happy the next morning.

6) Disaster Trip Home:  We had accumulated so much stuff over Christmas that we had to take my parents trailer home.  We loaded up and said some sad goodbyes.  Sam was ready to go home though, and was pretty happy to get in the car.  About 13 miles outside of Mobile, we blew a tire in the trailer!  Chris got a 2 ton car jack for Christmas, and got to give it a try on the side of I-10!  My parents had to come meet us to give us a correct sized trailer spare.  Sam got a few more minutes of being spoiled.  By the time we got going and finally got home, it was late.  Kids went to bed fine, but the trip messed up our schedule.  It was a rough start to the next day.  It didn't help that Sam got moved up to the next classroom and had to start with a new teacher.  He LOVES his old teacher and old classroom, and ol' OCD Sam had a very difficult time switching to the new.  He is used to the change now, and very happy with his new classroom which has LOTS of new toys!  But our disaster last few days in Mobile still linger...the tummy bug hit ME yesterday and has had me down through today! 

Ok...I know that was pretty disjointed, but that should catch you up through today.  One of my many resolutions is to keep this updated better through 2012!  One last happy thought:  I have a very good friend who just adopted their first baby.  They will make amazing parents, and have fought through some adversity to get a hold of their beautiful girl.  I also have another good friend who just recently announced they are expecting their first baby.  They, too, are an amazing Christian couple, who have suffered the pain of miscarriage.  Both couples so much deserve children, and I am so happy for them.