Wednesday, April 6, 2011


A glimpse into 24 hours of life with Sam...

We had a big thunderstorm the other night.  Sam (who has rejected his white noise CD ever since we accidentally forgot to hit 'repeat' a few times, causing a very scary heart beat track to turn on and scare the crap out of him) freaked out with the first big thunder boom that came at about 1am.  By the time I got to the top of the stairs, he had his glow worm in one hand and his blanket in the other and was getting out of bed to get the hell out of his room.  He has not slept in our room since he was 4 months old, and he has not slept in our bed since before his surgery at 3 months.  But what other option did I have? 

I laid him down between Chris and I, and covered him up.  He was really peaceful for about 5 min, and I even saw his eyes close a few times.  But, once he realized he was in Mommy and Daddy's bed, he started to play with the covers and ask for the phone (as I'm so sure Nana or Yaya would have wanted a call at 1am).  An hour later, once the thunder had calmed down, I told him "Alright, back to your car bed"...he protested and then pretended to close his eyes.  Too little too late buddy.  Naturally he had no problem going back to sleep, but getting up the next morning was rough.

For one, he didn't want to get up.  Then he didn't want to get dressed.  Then he definently didn't want to get in the car without getting to watch an episode of his beloved Yo Gabba Gabba.  I coaxed him into the car with a 'cookie'....a breakfast cereal bar.  He broke the bar in half by accident, and had a total melt down, asking me to 'fix it fix it'.  It was tragic.

Feeling bad about the broken cookie and rough morning, I took him to get some fries (his fav) at a new Burger King near our house. Daddy was out playing Ultimate Frizbee with his buddies, so it was a Momma and Sam date night. There is a huge play house in this BK...Sam's eyes lit up immediately.  Unfortunately, the makers of this play house failed to realize children younger than 8 might want to play too.  He wasn't able to get up into the tunnels because the stair case was GIANT....well, the first two steps werent, but after that they quadrupled in height.  When I realized he would never make it up into the thing, I had to go in and up the first two steps and pull him, kicking and screaming, out of the play place.  I (with my 7 month preggo belly) had to haul him in one arm and our food in the other out to the car, with him pitching a royal fit the whole way. 

Once again, feeling bad, I brought him to an out door play place at a church that is right across the street from our neighborhood.  You have to hike up a huge hill to get there, and hills really make Sam out of breath (me too, really).  He got half way up before I had to, yet again, haul him and our food (with my 7 month preggo belly) up the rest of the way.  The playground was wet and dirty from the bad rain the night before, and it didn't take long for Sam's pant butt to be covered in brown wetness.  When another little girl and her mom came, I right away told them Sam had cleaned the slides for them - I didn't want them to think he had pooed!  Not 2 minutes later, Sam made a very obvious poo (not audible or smellable...he spent about 3 minutes crouched in a corner grunting)!  Not wanting to break his heart and pull him away from yet another play place, I let him play for a few more minutes and then we made our exit.

I changed his diaper as soon as I got him home, and set him up on the couch in front of the TV (I know, I'm a terrible Mom) so that I could clean the kitchen.  About 5 min later, Sam started crying out for Mommy with a very sad little voice.  I walked out to the couch, and he was holding up his hands to me.  Both were covered in a peanut butter like substance.  Suddenly realizing what it was, I looked at where he was sitting.  Somehow he had pooed (again) and it had come completely out of his diaper (which had become bunched to one side when I put him up on the couch).  Sigh.  Spent the rest of my time cleaning poo off of Sam and the couch. 

Lessons learned thanks to Sam: 1. It takes effort to teach your kids how to sleep in bed with you, and I'm too lazy to try it again - ever. 2. Cookies may carry deep emotional meaning to a child, and you should not lie about what is or is not a cookie.  3. Stick with playgrounds you KNOW are YOUR kid friendly.  4. Poo happens.