Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Strong Legs Run to Benefit Sibley Heart Center

Yes, it is that time of year again! Children's Healthcare of Atlanta is teaming up with CVS to hold their 26th annual Strong Legs Run (the full name of the race is Strong Legs Run That Weak Legs May Walk). Last year we participated, along with my parents and Chris's parents, and it was truly a lot of fun.

Just like last year, we are participating both in the races and in the fundraising. All of the money we collect will be designated for the Sibley Heart Center Cardiology group, who are Sam's surgeons and physicians. Last year, as a family, we raised over 500$. I would love to raise more this year, and get more people participating!

Race day this year is November 6 (Saturday) at Turner Field in Atlanta. There will be a 10K, 5K, one mile fun run, and 100 yard dash. The 100 yard dash is just for kids 12 and under, and they race against a whole mess of local business mascots. If you enter any race, you receive a t-shirt, and kids who do the dash get a shirt AND a finisher ribbon! This year they have more planned for the spectators, including a moon walk. Please check out the main page of CHOA to see the details (

To raise money for Sibley this year, we have started our own team! The team, in honor of Sam, is called Sam's Lub Dub Club! There are a few ways you can help us raise money:

1. To make a one time donation, go to our team page and donate under one of the team members, or under the "General Team Donation" tab! (Team Page)

2. Join our team! If you can join us in Atlanta to run, that would be great! Register from the main CVS/Strong Legs Run page and select 'Join Existing Team' and then use the drop down menu to select Sam's Lub Dub Club. After you pick your race and participant t-shirt size, you will be directed to set up your own personal fundraising page. Once again, anything extra you earn through your own fundraising campaigne, will go to The Sibley Heart Center! (Main Race Registration Page)

3. Can't run with us? Join our team anyway! You can still join the team and fundraise, even if you can't come and race with us. Under the main registration page, where you select which race you want to participate in, just select one of the two options: "Phantom Racer" if you would like an official race shirt, or "Fundraiser" if you would rather skip the shirt but still raise money.

There are benefits to joining our team! If you earn $50 (not including your race entry fee if you are going to race) by TODAY OCT 6, you get a Sibley Heart team tshirt (I know, cutting it short right?? Last year they extended this deadline but not sure about this year). As you earn over 100$, you start to earn gift certificates towards your choice of grocery stores/ restaurants/ etc (last year they also did visa cards). We are also considering making a Sam's Lub Dub Club tshirts to sell and to give to people who earn or donate 100$ or more, so be on the look out for that announcement!

Please take some time and consider a donation, or consider running with us, or fundraising with us! Clearly we think this is a great cause...The Sibley Heart Center is the reason Sam is with us today! If you have any questions, please contact me by email at kathywim (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thanks for your time!


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Stuff Stuff Stuff

It always feels like I don't have anything to write for weeks and then BAM I have 100 things to say. 

First, I have a prayer request (or 3).  My cousin-in-law Josh's wife Kimberly's mother died this past week after just being diagnosed with Leukemia.  This was very sudden and clearly they are in shock.  Please say a prayer for peace for them.  Also, two heart families are in the fight of their lives.  Joshua has had 2 open heart surgeries last week, and remains unstable.  Ewan is stuck on ECMO after his heart surgery, and can't seem to ween off.  Both of these children are mere weeks old, and both families are struggling to find peace in their children's suffering.  Please say a prayer for them and their families as they face a true unknown with their babies.

The Wimberly family has had an eventful weekend or two here lately.  After Sam recovered from his fever and ear infection last week, we made a trip down to Mobile and then Baton Rouge for an LSU game.  We took Chris's brother over with us to LSU.  We met my parents and brother there.  We watched my sister warm up with the band (she's in LSU's marching band), walked the campus, met up with old friends, and scored some tickets to the game!  Chris and Johnathan sat together on one side of the stadium and my friend Tamara and I sat together on the other side.  Chris and Johnathan had great brother bonding time, Johnathan really enjoyed seeing a college game and a college band, and Tamara and I had plenty of time to catch up on years of back logged girl talk. 

Once we got back to Mobile, we got to hang out with Chris's family a bit.  We also met our new niece, Penelope Anne.  Sam didn't seem to interested at first, but once he saw me taking photos of her, he wanted in on the action.  He gave her about 10 kisses on the head while I took photos.  He was very gentle, but I know he was more interested on stealing the spotlight than being sweet to her.  She's beautiful though, and I can't wait to see her grow and gain her personality (as I'm sure she got quite a personality from BOTH of her parents)!

 We had an uneventful week this week, with Sam's flu shot being the biggest excitement.  We decided to travel a little north yesterday to see our high school band directors new band again at their football game in McDonough.  Sam had a FREAKIN' BLAST.  He danced and cheered, waved at cheerleaders, and got to play the drums thanks to Johnny. We left at half time to catch some dinner before the ride home.  Sam hammed it up at the restaurant, and practiced all of his animal sounds.  He got quite a few compliments on how cute he was and how good he was being.  He slept SOOOOO well last night!

Coming up this week: Announcements regarding the Strong Legs Run to benefit Sibley Heart Center, me and Chris starting to get serious about running (we have now signed up for a 10K and a half marathon in Nov), and a trip to Florida to visit friends and tailgate for the LSU game!