Tuesday, May 27, 2008

First Photo!

I just got back from my first MD visit with my Macon, GA doctor. She did an ultrasound, which I wasn't really expecting to do! She showed me the heart beating and the baby was moving a little bit so that was neat. She said the baby's length puts it at just over 10 weeks, which is a little smaller and younger than we thought (I thought I was at 12 weeks). She moved the due date to December 20 from our original date of December 15.

But other than that she said everything looked good. She recommended that I do some new screening stuff that her office offers. Basically it is another ultrasound and blood test done by a specialist. It checks for a lot of chromosomal abnormalities, deformities, and any neural cord defects. Not that she expects anything, but she said it's great technology and she suggests everyone do it. So we set that up and hopefully they will do that in the next two weeks. The best part is getting to do another ultrasound and getting another photo!

Speaking of photo, you can see our little nugget in the pic posted above! Notice the little white patch in front of the face. That is apparently one of the hands. And also notice the ginormous head....that comes from Chris's genes.


Monday, May 5, 2008

The word is out!!

For the most part, Chris and I successfully hid our news from the world for the last four weeks. Of course, all together we ended up telling about 20 people before we planned on it, but the big surprise is that the news did not make it to either of our families before we wanted it to!

I went to the MD in Mobile last Friday, and while she didn't do any diagnostic tests, she said I seem to be doing fine and gave me a due date of December 15! We went right after the appointment and bought two picture frames that said baby stuff on them to present to our parents.

We went to my parents' house first. My mom took the bag and pulled out the tissue paper. When she saw the frame in the bottom of the bag she just said, "Are you kidding me?!". Then, instead of pulling the frame out, she carried the bag over to my dad like it had a bomb in it and held the bag open for him to look in, too. Of course, they were thrilled. Mom felt a little left out when I told her I had already told my brother, and a friend of mine who works with her!

We went to Chris's parents' house next. His mom pulled the frame out of the bag and was reading it, looking fairly unaware of the significance of us giving her a 'baby' frame. His dad caught on right away though, and yelled, "ARE YOU??". This will be grand baby #7 for them but they were still plenty excited.

The best telling of the night was at my graduation banquet. For the most part, no one in my PT class knew my news. During the banquet, we all get called up on stage, and one at a time we get 'hooded' and then a professor tells the crowd where we got our undergrad degree, where we are moving to, etc. So I asked him (prebanquet) if he could slip in that I was pregnant during my hooding as a way to surprise my classmates.

Of course it surprised more than just my classmates! My sister and sister-in-law were late for the banquet, so Chris and I didn't get a chance to tell them. I asked my family not to tell them either, so that they could hear it when it was announced. My classmates were surprised, although I think some of them had caught on since I hadn't been drinking when we had gone out for dinner! Poor Amanda and Lydia were surprised, too. They are always the last to know (or so they say) so I just wanted to keep up the tradition!

Next step for us is our 12 week appointment with an MD here in Macon, GA!