Tuesday, July 12, 2011

WHOA, Time Flew By!

I CANNOT believe it has already been 5 weeks since Luke was born!  We have some busy weeks following his arrival.  My mom stayed in Macon after Luke was born to help me with Sam, since Chris went back to work after just a few days.  Chris's mom came up about a week after Luke's birth.  Both Moms and Sam left to go back to Mobile, and gave Chris and I a week to ourselves to get to know lil' man.  After that week, Chris and I drove down to Mobile for a week of vacation.  Luke got to meet the rest of our families, including all his aunts and uncles (minus Uncle Mark and Uncle John) and all his cousin's.  We all came back to Macon and have spent the last week adjusting to being a family of 4.

Naturally, Sam returned to Macon SPOILED ROTTEN.  After a full month of having my mom's full, undivided attention, he has had a tougher time adjusting to being home with ME verses having a new brother in the house!  He doesn't interact with Luke much, but doesn't seem bothered by his presence, which is positive. 

Luke is a natural sleeper.  He goes down around 10-11pm, and sleeps 3-4 hour chunks of time, waking only to eat and then goes right back to sleep.  I could make a list a mile long of the ways Luke has been different from Sam...sleeping and nursing rank REALLY HIGH on that list!

Enjoy a photo of our sweet little Luke dressed as Yoda, which was Chris's Father's Day present!