Monday, July 30, 2012

No more curls!

Little Luke's hair got to the point of being unmanageable.  He had beautiful, loose curls all over his head.  BUT they became a food trap, and in this heat if he even semi-sweated he looked like a grease ball.  My mom came up for a week and kept the boys at home to spoil them rotten.  One objective we had while she was here was to cut his hair.  I had intended to bring him somewhere to have it done but between my mom, Chris, and me, we got it done!  We put him in our swingset's baby seat and I chopped away.  I saved a few curls for memory's sake.  I think I did a pretty fair job!

My mom came up here on a fancy new bus system called the Megabus.  It's a double decker bus that has really inexpensive ticket prices that runs along the east coast.  She took Sam back to Mobile with her on the bus this past Saturday and left us with little Lukey.  Sam was SUPER excited about the bus, and very happily jumped on the bus with barely a wave goodbye to us.  He apparently yelled out "Here we go everyone" when the bus started moving!  He's having a blast in Mobile, and Luke is having a blast being an only child.  My mom, dad, sister, and Sam will be back here in Macon later this week and we will take a short trip to Gatlinburg.  Sam starts back at his preschool next week and I KNOW it is going to be rough on him after having two full weeks of Nana's spoilage.