Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving, Sam's First Birthday, and Blogger Award

We left Macon on Wednesday for Mobile for the long holiday weekend. We stayed at my parent's house but spent most of our days with Chris' family (since we'll be with my fam at Christmas). We had a great Thanksgiving dinner at the Wimberly's house. Sam's 'stranger' anxiety has really amped up in the last month, and he wouldn't let anyone hold him without pitching a fit. He did get some good time in with his cousins, especially Noah (who is only 2 months older). And Chris, Shannon, Mark, and I got some good runs in. We did a 10k distance on Friday and then just over a 10K on Saturday. I still doubt it even made a dent in the calories we took in.

We had Sam's first Birthday Party on Friday at the Wimberly's house. All of Chris's siblings and niece/nephews came, all of my siblings came, and we had a great turn out of our dearest friends. It was a little cold, but we had a cook out in the back yard. Sam had a pretty good time, considering he would only let me, Chris, or my mom hold him. He opened his presents and clapped at the end of just about each unwrapping. When it was time for cake he was starting to crash. He didn't understand what he was supposed to do with the cake, and then got pretty mad when we tried to 'show' him what to do. Needless to say, the cake was followed by a nap. He got some really wonderful gifts, and OUR gift was to be with our friends and family to celebrate such a momentous occasion. Thanks to everyone who helped put the party together and who came to enjoy this time with us. Chris and I are working out a plan for a special family day on Sam's actual birthday (this Thursday) to complete our celebration.

One last note: I was nominated for a little blogger award this past weekend by a 'heart mom' blogger, Sundie. The award is called the Heartfelt Blogger Award. It is super sweet of Sundie to nominate me. Her daughter, Sydnie, is a heart hero, and I love reading about her adventures and seeing her develop into a little lady in their blog called Sydnie's Sweet Heart! Here are the details of the award:

Here are the rules for the award:
1. Display the award logo
2. Nominate up to 9 blogs that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside
3. Link to your nominees and leave a comment on their blog telling them about the award
4. Link to the person whom you received the award

The following blogs are my nominees, and I check up on all of them frequently!

Amelia's Progress - Micro preemie Amelia and her courageous parents' blog. Amelia was born in April of this year, and has yet to come home from the hospital. Her journey has been truly moving, and her parents have come through it all in the most graceful and uplifting of ways.

Our Journey Together - My husband's cousin and his wife's blog. Josh is not much older than Chris and I, and he has already battled colon and lung cancer. His strength to push though, his fight to raise awareness, and his wife's never ending, steadfast love truly amaze me.

The Houston Branch of the Woodard Family - My BFF from LSU's blog. Tamara and her husband Mark are just a super sweet, wonderfully christian family. I love reading up on their adventures in 'newlywedhood'!

Oh boy... - Tamara's little sis's blog. Although I have spent very little time actually hanging out with Ali, her blog is freakin' hilarious. The way she writes about her adventures in hospital radiology and marathon training really crack me up.

... then came Grayson in the baby carriage - Grade school friend's blog. I have known Morgan from WAY back in the day. He blog about her ever sassy but always sweet daughter Grayson always make me smile. I LOVE her "Little Miss Chatterbox" section!

The Moses Family - Chris's cousin's blog. Amy has a cute little blog highlighting the new edition to this growing Catholic family, Benjamin. Her husband has a great Catholic centered blog too: Aggie Catholic

I follow a lot of blogs and could nominate them all. Thanks again to Sundie! Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sam's "One Year" Photo Shoot

We had really wanted to have some "pro" photos made of Sam, but after I got my Nikon, I just kept putting it off. I finally went and had some photos made at Portrait Inovations. Naturally, Sam cried the WHOLE time. She got maybe 5 shots where he wasn't crying. Oh well...probably a sign I should just keep to my Nikon photos! Here are the best ones though!


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Successful Race and Fundraising!

We left for Atlanta early early this morning for the Strong Legs Run (a fundraiser for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta...Sam's hospital). Chris and I ran in the 10K race. We both ran faster than we expected, and both set personal records for our 10K times. My parents and Chris's parents came up to support us, and to do the 2K race. We all walked the 2K...Sam rode in his stroller. Sam met up with his 'heart buddy' Matthew (photo above), who has a similar condition to Sam's, and who has the same Cardiologist. We had a REALLY great day, and can't wait until next year.

The race was also a fundraiser. Between my family, we raised $850! We were part of a larger group of teams who were raising money specifically for the cardiac services research team at CHOA. Together, these teams raised $36000! I'm proud of us, and we plan to do more for the race next year. Thank you to everyone who sent in money for this cause!! Not too long ago (just 24 years, in fact) there was NO SURGERY to help babies like Sam. They just died. Only recently have cardiac research teams developed surgeries (like the one Sam had in March) to extend these heart babies lives. I know it's not millions and millions of dollars, but every penny you donated to this cause will go to further research and development of new techniques to keep Sam's life going. And I can't ever tell you how much that means to me...


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Last Call for Runners/Donors!!

Chris, Sam, and I are running in an event this weekend to raise money for the Sibley Heart Center at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. These people SAVED SAM'S LIFE and will be the ones we call on again when Sam needs his next surgery. We would love to have you come up and run/walk with us (there is a 10k, 5k, 2k, and several just kid races). If you can't come and be with us, you are welcome to donate to this cause. The links are below!!!


My Donation Page
Registration Page
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Race Info Page

Sunday, November 8, 2009

LSU/Bama Tailgate

We drove to Birmingham and Tuscaloosa this weekend for a tailgate and to hang out with family. We stayed at Chris's sister's house, and Sam got to hang out with his cousins. They love him a little more than he can in, he LOVES watching them, but isn't quite ready to snuggle up and sit in their laps yet. He did let me get a few good pictures though! Saturday, we met up with friends from PT school for a tailgate on Alabama's campus for the LSU/Bama game. It was perfect weather, and Sam was an angel for most of the day. PT school was the three hardest years of school I experienced, but I met the MOST amazing group of people there. I value any chance I get to be with them, and this weekend was no exception. As an added bonus, my sister Amanda was with the LSU band at the game, and when the game was over, we rushed across campus and got to see her before they loaded the buses. I wish every weekend could be spent with friends and family (and a victorious LSU team...)!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

First Halloween

Sam's first trick-or-treat took place on Monday, at my hospital. Staff and patients were invited to bring their kids up for trick-or-treating in patients' rooms and for a little party after. Sam met up with his friend Connor (son of a co-worker) and went to a few of our favorite patients' rooms and showed off for the nurses.

Halloween day started early...630am. Chris and I (and subsequently Sam) did a 5k race benefit for Jay's Hope, a local group who supports local families with children suffering with cancer. Sam dressed in his costume, and was in no mood to be awake and dressed in a costume. He made it through the race though, and after a much needed nap he watched us carve pumpkins.

Sam was getting cranky early, and we didn't think he would make it to trick-or-treat time. It rained here for a bit too, right at 530pm and I almost gave up hope for Halloween. The rain stopped around 6 though, and Sam got dressed one more time in his skeleton costume. We went to our neighbors house for Sam's first trick-or-treat. We have great next door neighbors, but they have been out of their house for a while, thanks to a busted pipe. I guess Sam didn't remember them (and he was really tired) because he cried and cried when Larea tried to hold him. He settled down though and watched a bunch of our neighborhood kids come and trick-or-treat for candy.

After a few more photos, Sam went to sleep. All in all a successful first Halloween!