Saturday, June 8, 2013

Lukey Duke's 2nd Birthday

My lil man Luke turned 2 this week.  He is such a wild, wide open little boy.  I feel like he has been around a lot longer than 2 years, and yet he was just a tiny baby a few weeks ago!  He is rough and tumble, and is so physical.  His language is exploding, and he has a huge vocabulary and great conversation skills.  He loves his brothers, especially Sam.  He does EVERYTHING Sam does, and is his constant shadow.  He is a boy through and through - he loves planes, trucks, cars, and dirt.  He has this super cute voice, with a little bit of rasp.  His blue blue eyes have turned to a hazel green, but are just as beautiful.  He dances whenever he hears music.  He's just a dream.

We had a little neighborhood party for him - invited our immediate neighbors and a few friends.  We made it a super hero theme since Luke is a tough man.  I did some pintrest digging and found some cute decorations and ideas.  I did a quick sew cape for all the kids, and had a mask making station.  We had a piƱata, which was really fun to watch.  Luke had a special "Super Luke" cake.  He thoroughly enjoyed running around the backyard with the big kids.  I'm pretty sure he had no idea it was his birthday OR that everyone was there in his honor but he had an AMAZING time. 

Sometimes I feel like I didn't get to experience as much of Luke's babyhood as I did of Sam's.  Maybe I was just more 'aware' with Sam.  I look at Luke now and see a little boy, not a toddler or baby.  It makes me sad and yet I LOVE watching his personality develop and shine.  And trust is blinding!  Love you, Lukey Duke!