Sunday, April 20, 2008

Secrets are hard to keep...

So it has been two weeks since I found out I was preggers. My goal was to keep it a total secret until we went to the MD to find out for sure that everything was okay. Of course, it was hard to keep it from some people. There are a few close friends in my PT class that I told, mainly because when I DIDN'T order a drink at dinner, they pretty much knew what was up. But I made a careless error this weekend! I was talking to my friends a little too loud at TCBY and a girl I knew from high school over heard me!! She told me congrats, and then I had to tell her not to tell anyone!! I forget so easy that Mobile is the biggest small city in the world and that between my family and Chris's, we know EVERYONE! I actually don't care who know, I just don't want my parents to know yet.

I tried to explain that to my friend, who apparently told her parents before she even told her husband! I don't mind telling my friends that something happened and we lost the baby. But it would kill me to tell that to my parents. This will be their first grandchild, and the first great-grandchild for both of their parents. We have had 4 people we know have miscarriages at various times during their pregnancies and I want to be as sure as I can be that our pregnancy is going well before I tell my parents. Since I haven't had a MD appointment yet, I'm just worried that I'll tell my parents and then find out at the MD's that somethings really wrong.

Although, so far, everything has been easier than I thought. I get little hot flashes, and occasional cramps. I have felt a little nauseous two random mornings but it went away after a while. I'm 6 weeks along now, so I guess if I'm going to start feeling bad it aught to start hitting me soon! Everything is still a go for the MD appointment on May 2. Chris will be in town then and will go with me. Hopefully I can keep everything quiet until then!


Wednesday, April 9, 2008


So I just got back to Mobile for four weeks of studying and classes, and will be closing out that four weeks with graduation. I was pretty ready for some Margarita nights with the girls before we all become big kids with real jobs and get spread out all over the country. HOWEVER, two days after I get into Mobile, I take a pregnancy test....and it's positive! I'm super excited, but a little bummed about missing the margaritas.

The worst part I think was not getting to tell Chris face to face. I took a video of me and then ended it with a close up of the two bars on the positive pregnancy test. He called back right away and said, "My heart stopped...are you serious?!" I had some pretty good plans for how to tell him, but I guess I'll have to save those for the next baby!

So now I'm waiting to figure out when my first doctors visit will be. I called my former doctor in Mobile to ask if I need to come in right away or if I should just wait until I get back to Georgia. They didn't know what to do either. So the doctor and nurse are talking it over and they are supposed to be calling me back with their verdict. I hope they want me to come in because I would like to get some reassurance that I am DEFINITELY pregnant. Chris and I would like to tell our families at my graduation. I will be eight weeks along at that point.

UPDATE: So the doctor just called and said that she wants me to come in May 2 (the day before graduation) for the first doctors visit. I guess that works for sucks because it is over three weeks away, but at least Chris will be in town for it, and it doesn't get in the way of telling our families for graduation. She also wants me to go get some prenatal vitamins. So I'm off to fill that order...I'll keep you posted of developments!!