Thursday, August 23, 2012

Certified MALE Carrier

Well, it appears I will be spending the rest of my days surrounded by gorgeous men...this new baby is another BOY!  The OB had an ultrasound monitor that did not have a small screen for me to watch the ultrasound, but Chris was able to watch the whole thing.  About 5 seconds into it, he got a big, dumb smile on his face and I knew right away he saw boy bits.  When she did turn the screen to me it was quite clear what the baby is.  BEST NEWS: full, four chamber heart and otherwise very healthy! 

Sam has been saying that this baby is a 'sister' from day one.  He has even argued with us that it HAS to be a girl.  I was really nervous he would be devastated about another brother.  SO Chris and I went to get him a small balloon bouquet before picking him up.  He was so so so thrilled to get balloons, and I guess that excitement carried over when we told him they were from his NEW baby brother.  He is settled on the idea of having two brothers now so I think all is well with him!